80. Art and AI collaboration with Sarah Brin

This time we're chatting with Sarah Brin about types of AI, the process of making artwork, how is an artwork culturally valuable, curatorial practise for AI art, unionising creative art workers, collaborative artwork with AI, using AI to help the climate emergency, AI in games and more...
Date: 17th of September 2023
Podcast authors: Ben Byford with Sarah Brin
Audio duration: 35:44 | Website plays & downloads: 75 Click to download
Tags: Art, Fine Art, AI creativity, Climate change, Games | Playlists: Games, Generative AI, Creativity, Existential risk

Sarah Brin is a futurist and digital creativity specialist. Sarah specializes in interdisciplinary tech collaborations, and has directed programs for organizations including Sony Interactive Entertainment, Autodesk, George RR Martin's immersive technology company Meow Wolf, the European Union, SFMOMA, and others.

Her research interests include new economic models for creatives, humanist applications of technology, and playful interventions. You can learn more about her work at sarahbrin.com, goodafternoon.uk.

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Episode host: Ben Byford

Ben Byford is a AI ethics consultant, code, design and data science teacher, freelance games designer with years of design and coding experience building websites, apps, and games.

In 2015 he began talking on AI ethics and started the Machine Ethics podcast. Since, Ben has talked with academics, developers, doctors, novelists and designers on AI, automation and society.

Through Ethical by Design Ben and the team help organisations make better AI decisions leveraging their experience in design, technology, business, data, sociology and philosophy.