About The Machine Ethics Podcast


This podast was created and is run by Ben Byford and collaborators. The podcast, and other content was first created to extend Ben's growing interest in both the AI domain and in the Ethics associated. Over the last few years the podcast has grown into a place of discussion and dissemination of important ideas, not only in AI but in tech ethics generally. As the interviews unfold on AI implementation or abstract technology ideas they often vere into current affairs, the future of work, environmental issues, and more. Though the core is still AI and AI Ethics, we release content that is broader and therefore hopefully more useful to the general public and practitioners.

The hope for the podcast is for it to promote debate concerning technology and society, and to foster the production of technology (and in particular: decision making algorithms) that promote human ideals. I hope you can join us on this journey.

For more content and to support us please check out our Patreon, to contact us email hello@machine-ethics.net, or for consultancy please goto ethicalby.design


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