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Conversations on AI Ethics:
Interrogating technology, artificial intelligence and society.

This podcast brings together interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, designers and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology's impact on society. Join in the conversation with us by getting in touch via email here or following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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79. Taming Uncertainty with Roger Spitz

This time we chat with Roger Spitz about how to think about the future, what does a futurist do? Thriving with disruption, a chief existential officer, virtuous inflection points, delegating too much authority / decision making, our inappropriate education system

78. Design and AI with Nadia Piet

This episode Nadia and I chat about how design can co-create AI, what the role of designers are in AI services? post-deployment design, narratives in AI development and AI ideologues, anthropocentric AI, augmented creativity, new AI perspectives, situated intelligences and more... Has transcription

77. Doing Ethics with Marc Steen

This episode Marc Steen and I chat about: AI as tools, the ethics of business models, writing Ethics for People Who Work in Tech, the process of ethics - “doing ethics” and his three step process, misconceptions of ethics as compliance or a road block, evaluating ethical theories, universal rights, types of knowledges, what is the world we’re creating with AI?

76. The professionalisation of data science with Dr Marie Oldfield

This episode we're talking with Dr Marie Oldfield on definitions of AI, the education and communication gaps with AI, explainable models, ethics in education, problems with audits and legislation, AI accreditation, importance of interdisciplinary teams, when to use AI or not, and harms from algorithms.
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