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Conversations on AI Ethics:
Interrogating technology, artificial intelligence and society.

This podcast brings together interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, designers and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology's impact on society. Join in the conversation with us by getting in touch via email here or following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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85. New forms of story telling with Guy Gadney

This episode we're chatting with Guy Gadney on new forms of story telling, placing people inside a story, natural language in games, LLM hype, data used in LLMs, copyright infringment, the destructive ideology of innovation, an unprecedented redistribution of wealth away from the cultural industries and more...

84. Review of 2023 with Karin Rudolph

For our in-person episode on 2023 with Karin Rudolph we chat about the Future of Life Institute letter, existential risk of AI, TESCREAL, Geoffrey Hinton’s resignation from Google, the AI Safety Summit, EU AI act and legislating AI, neural rights and more...

83. Avoidable misery with Adam Braus

This episode we're chatting with Adam Braus about natural stupidity, natural intelligence, misericordianism and avoidable misery, the drowning child thought experiment, natural state of morality, Donald Trump bot, Asimov’s rules, human instincts, the positive outcomes of AI and more...

82. Work, wellness and creativity with Harriet Pellereau

This episode we're chatting with Harriet Pellereau about AI’s lack of reasoning ability, uses of generative AI, creativity and AI, what even is creativity? creative duties, new ways of working / digital working, 4 day week global, work life balance, the hidden cost of convenience, responsible tech and more...
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