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Interrogating technology, artificial intelligence and autonomy.

This podcast brings together interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, designers and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology's impact on society. Join in the conversation with us by getting in touch via email here or following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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57. Value Sensitive Design with Steven Umbrello

We're talking with Steven Umbrello about transhumanism, his passion for philosophy and it's practical applications, Value sensitive design a modular design practise, technologies co-constructing society, integrating VSD using agile workflows, issues of principles, moral imagination and more...

56. What is AI? 2

This episode is our second bonus compilation of answers from previous years of interviews asking the question: What is AI? We hear from past interviewees Jess Smith, Rishal Hurbans, Jacob Turner, Cennydd Bowles, Joanna J Bryson, Damien Williams, Olivia Gamelin, David Gunkel, Bertram Malle, David Yakobovitch, Luciano Floridi, Lydia Nicholas.

55. Speculative design with Phil Balagtas

We're chatting with Phil Balagtas about speculative & critical design, speculative design as a strategy tool, using design as a what if tool, or a story to strive for, The Design Futures Initiative, doing meanful work, and getting to real trust in mission critical AI...

54. The business of AI ethics with Josie Young

This episode we're chatting with the amazing Josie Young on making businesses more efficient, how the AI ethics landscape changed over the last 5 years, ethics roles and collaborations, feminist AI and chatbots, responsible AI at Microsoft, ethics push back from teams and selling in AI ethics, disinformation’s risk to democracy and more...
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