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Interrogating technology, artificial intelligence and autonomy.

This podcast brings together interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, designers and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology's impact on society. Join in the conversation with us by getting in touch via email here or following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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74. AI, ethics and the future - DFA talk special edition

In this special edition episode with Data Science Festival we're hosting a panel discussing: what is ethics? Designing for Responsible AI, ethics as innovation and competitive advantage, ghost work, fairer AI, language as a human computer interface, cleaning up the web, technologies that shouldn’t be deployed and much more...

73. 2022 in review with Olivia Gamblin

For this end of year episode I'm joined by Olivia Gamblinn to discuss: ethics boards, generative images models and copywrite, concept art, model bias and representation in the generative models, paying artists to appear in training sets, plagerism, chatGPT and when it breaks down, factual “truth” in text models, expectations for AI and digital technologies generally, limitations of AGI, inner life and the Chinese room, consciousness, robot rights, animal rights and getting into AI Ethics...

72. Algorithms with Social Impact with Mitchel Ondili

This episode we talk with Mitchel Ondili on algorithm awareness, technology colonisation in the global south, OASI the registry for Algorithms with Social Impact, AI auditing, private vs public rights to consent, submitting your algorithms to OASI, hiring, and social services algorithms, the over datafication of life, or becoming an algorithmic subject, Intentionality of services and much more.

71. The Politics of AI with Mark Coeckelbergh

This episode we talk with Mark Coeckelbergh about AI as a story about machines and where are we heading in creating human level intelligence, moral standing and robot-animal interfaces, technology determinism, environmental impacts of robots and AI, energy budgets, politics and AI, self-regulation and global governance for global issues.
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