Generative AI

New forms of story telling with Guy Gadney

Guy Gadney is CEO of, bringing to life the Future of Storytelling using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

With Charisma, Guy is transforming interactive entertainment through the use of advanced technology, producing projects for Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, Sky, the BBC, Oxford University and many others. He has also recently led the adaptation of John Wyndham’s novel The Kraken Wakes into an immersive narrative game powered by Charisma.

Guy is also on the Board of Oxford’s Story Museum, and a co-founder of The Collaborative AI Consortium, researching the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Creative Industries.

Work, wellness and creativity with Harriet Pellereau

Harriet Pellereau is co-founder and co-CEO of digital habits behaviour change company Mind over Tech. She spent 9 years working at award-winning tech education company Decoded. As Teaching Director, she worked closely with corporate clients to build and facilitate transformational courses for senior leadership teams, and led a team of 30+ data scientists to deliver data skills courses to Fortune 500 companies. Harriet has a background as a technologist and digital creative, and started her career developing 3D animations and web experiences for advertising clients, and interactive apps for media companies. As a parent, Harriet is on a mission to improve her own digital habits and to support her young children with theirs, to ensure technology is a positive influence in their lives.

Art and AI collaboration with Sarah Brin

Sarah Brin is a futurist and digital creativity specialist. Sarah specializes in interdisciplinary tech collaborations, and has directed programs for organizations including Sony Interactive Entertainment, Autodesk, George RR Martin's immersive technology company Meow Wolf, the European Union, SFMOMA, and others.

Her research interests include new economic models for creatives, humanist applications of technology, and playful interventions. You can learn more about her work at,