The Machine Ethics Podcast compendium

This page is an evolving document that will help anyone listening to the podcast partially decypher the terms and learn more about the subjects discussed.

This is by no way a complete document and is meant as a resource and talking point.


Artifical intelligence - Computer programs with some level of learning and/or autonomy. It can also be referrenced as the goal of creating a human-like intelligent artifical entity. This term seems to be a moving goal-post as our algorithms become ever more sophisticated.

Machine Ethics - The study and implementation of moral behaviors in artificial systems / programs created to act as moral agents.

Robo-ethics - The morals of making autonomous systems that can effect us directly e.g. autonomous cars, robots used in warfare.

Computer Ethics - The actions of humans on computers, data and programs.

AI Ethics - The study of practical ethics and their implementations in AI systems, pipelines and outcomes.

Theories of mind - As AI systems become more intelligent the study of the mind, conciousness, and of temporal beings will become more important to distinguish facets of these things in AI and indeed what that means for us in relation.

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Updated: 1/10/2020