19. Digital rights with Ruth Coustick-Deal

This month, with the lead up to the new GDPR European personal data legislation coming in, we talk to digital rights campaigner Ruth Coustick-Deal on everything personal data.
Date: 18th of April 2018
Podcast authors: Ben Byford interviewing Ruth Coustick-Deal
Audio duration: 56:59
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Tags: GDPR, Regulation, Human rights, Autonomy, Freedoms, Data ethics, Personal data, Copyright,

Ruth Coustick-Deal (@nesient) has spent seven years working in the intersection of technology and human rights, in both advocacy and research. She runs a podcast The Intersection of Things (theintersectionofthings.com) which discusses current issues in the world of technology, from an intersectional feminist perspective with her co-host Marianela Ramos Capelo. She connects women's rights and the internet politically and practically, advocating for a consent-focused approach to technology.

Ruth has been a speaker in many international forums and events on digital policy, from explaining the Snowden revelations to understanding EU copyright legislation.

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