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New forms of story telling with Guy Gadney

Guy Gadney is CEO of, bringing to life the Future of Storytelling using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

With Charisma, Guy is transforming interactive entertainment through the use of advanced technology, producing projects for Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, Sky, the BBC, Oxford University and many others. He has also recently led the adaptation of John Wyndham’s novel The Kraken Wakes into an immersive narrative game powered by Charisma.

Guy is also on the Board of Oxford’s Story Museum, and a co-founder of The Collaborative AI Consortium, researching the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Creative Industries.

Digital rights with Ruth Coustick-Deal

Ruth Coustick-Deal (@nesient) has spent seven years working in the intersection of technology and human rights, in both advocacy and research. She runs a podcast The Intersection of Things ( which discusses current issues in the world of technology, from an intersectional feminist perspective with her co-host Marianela Ramos Capelo. She connects women's rights and the internet politically and practically, advocating for a consent-focused approach to technology.

Ruth has been a speaker in many international forums and events on digital policy, from explaining the Snowden revelations to understanding EU copyright legislation.