69. AI ethics strategy with Reid Blackman

In this episode we talk with Reid Blackman about: what is learning? What it means to be worthy of trust, bullsh**t AI principles, company values, purpose and use in decision making, his AI ethics risk strategy book, machine ethics as a fools errand, weighing metrics for measuring bias, ethics committees, police and the IRB. And much more...
Date: 12th of July 2022
Podcast authors: Ben Byford with Reid Blackman
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Tags: Author, Philosophy, Strategy, Book, Regulation, AI learning, Machine ethics | Playlists: Philosophy, Intelligence

Reid Blackman, Ph.D., is the author of “Ethical Machines: Your Concise Guide to Totally Unbiased, Transparent, and Respectful AI (Harvard Business Review Press), Founder and CEO of Virtue, an AI ethical risk consultancy, and he volunteers as the Chief Ethics Officer for the non-profit Government Blockchain Association. He has also been a Senior Advisor to the Deloitte AI Institute, a Founding Member of Ernst & Young’s AI Advisory Board, and sits on the advisory boards of several startups. His work has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and Forbes and he has presented his work to dozens of organizations including Citibank, the FBI, the World Economic Forum, and AWS. Reid’s expertise is relied upon by Fortune 500 companies to educate and train their people and to guide them as they create and scale AI ethical risk programs. Learn more at reidblackman.com.

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Episode host: Ben Byford

Ben Byford is a AI ethics consultant, code, design and data science teacher, freelance games designer with years of design and coding experience building websites, apps, and games.

In 2015 he began talking on AI ethics and started the Machine Ethics podcast. Since, Ben has talked with academics, developers, doctors, novelists and designers on AI, automation and society.

Through Ethical by Design Ben and the team help organisations make better AI decisions leveraging their experience in design, technology, business, data, sociology and philosophy.