14. AI in AR and VR with Michael Ludden

This month I'm talking to Michael Ludden about his work at IBM, what the hell Watson is, AI in culture and creating a positive cultural AI view, as well as using AI in AR and VR projects.
Date: 14th of August 2017 | Podcast authors: Ben Byford chatting to Michael Ludden
Audio duration: 39:05 | Website plays & downloads: 1298 Click to download

Michael Ludden is Director of Product at IBM’s Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs. Previously, Michael was Developer Marketing Manager Lead at Google, Head of Developer Marketing at Samsung, a Developer Evangelist at HTC, Global Director of Developer Relations at startups Quixey & Nexmo, and was involved at various times in development, product management, marketing, co-founding startups, tech show hosting, and even cruise-ship singing (don’t ask). Michael has a degree from UCLA and is happy to share more about exciting developments in the exploding field of Artificial Intelligence.

Tags: IBM, Watson, VR, AR, Culture,
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