11. Robot transparency with Rob Wortham

I chat to Rob about what mind models people have of robots if any? Principles of robotics for creators, intelligence: doing the right thing at the right time, embodied or distributed robots, robot transparency and much more.
Date: 21st of April 2017 | Podcast authors: Ben Byford in conversation with Rob Wortham
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Rob Wortham is currently undertaking a Computer Science PhD at the University of Bath researching autonomous robotics, with a focus on domestic applications and ethical considerations. How does human natural intelligence (NI) interact with AI, and how do we make the behaviour of these systems more understandable? What are the risks and benefits of AI, and how can we maximise the benefit to society, whilst minimising the risks? I am interested in real world AI for real world problems.

Previously Founder and CFO of RWA Ltd, a major international company developing IT systems for the leisure travel industry.

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