3. Technology and health with Cosima Gretton

Chatting with Dr Cosima Gretton on AI, Health care and it's current cost structure and technologies, Ethics in education and more...
Date: 10th of May 2016
Podcast authors: Ben Byford with Cosima Gretton
Audio duration: 43:46
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Tags: Health care, Education, Doctor,

Cosima Gretton:

Cosima is a psychologist and medical doctor with a passion for how design and technology shape behaviour. She is an academic psychiatry trainee at St Thomas' Hospital in London and technology policy associate at the King’s Fund. She is currently working with Outcomes Based Healthcare designing a new way of measuring psychological health outcomes using machine learning on passively gathered smartphone sensor data. She is also an advisor for the art and science collective she founded in 2011, AXNS.

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